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How to displace meltblown fabric with composite nonwovens

How to displace meltblown fabric with composite nonwovens

Issue Time:2021-03-10

In response to tens of calls, emails and messages received daily from producers of medical disposables and face mask concerning the nonwovens fabrics required in face mask manufacturing and the possibility to displace it with composite nonwovens material or other materials.Suntech is working on this research.




Case: due to global shortage of meltblown Nonwovens and the rocket-increase in nonwovens prices,especially meltblown nonwovenssomemanufacturers are trying to abuse the current situation and offer compositematerial to displace the meltblown filter layer which may cause a big impactand high risk on medical sector on fighting the viral and bacterial infections .Click to share to LinkedIn


Functionally,Meltblown nonwovens fabric is a functional media has technicalspecifications and properties, with fiber diameter down to 0.1 micron and itplays as a FILTER layer used in Surgical face Masks, Respirators and othermedical disposables , it gives high sanitary protection to users,specially, themedical teams in hospitals and health care centers to avoid infections and itcharacterized with BFE range measures the filtration efficiency of a layerusing viable particles (bacteria) that vary in size from 1 to 5 microns.and PFE measures the filtration efficiency of a layer using nonviableparticles that are fixed in size from 0.1 micron to 1 micron with range of95 up to 99.97%, which controls the transmission of bacteria & viruses causingmany kinds of diseases like Coronavirus - cOVID-19,Influenza and otherrespiratory diseases.


In case of Melt-blown filter layer absence or displacing the structural 3 ply withone composite layer SMS, the mask will prevent only transferring of bodyfluids to other people when they sneeze or cough, moreover, prevent the userfrom touching their mouth or nose with their hands (which may becontaminated with a patient's body fluids) but it will not have any filter functionto stop the transmission of Bacteria and viruses and it will be same as anykind of textiles used as a barrier layer from fluids without any sanitaryfunctions.(Non-Sanitary Use Mask)


Technicallv,As per the Factsheet issued by Reifenhauser, the propertiesrequired for meltblown nonwovens layer used in face masks, cannotbe ideallyachieved with the composite production plant parameters.Click to share to Facebook



The material for medical protective clothing, such as gowns or protective suits, isproduced on so-called composite nonwoven lines.The required SMS nonwovensare thus produced as composite material in only one production step.


Respiratory masks are also made from SMS structures.In contrast to medicalprotective clothing, however, the middle filter layers made of meltblown as wellas the surrounding layers of spunbonded nonwovens must be manufactured inindividual production steps and finished afterwards.try Suntech ST-SMS Spunmelt non-woven fabric machine


Why is compound production impossible?These Facts Make Composite Production lmpossible:


1.The production parameters do not match

The basis weights and properties of a nonwoven fabric arelargely determined during production by the combination ofmaterial throughput and conveyor belt speed.In the compositeproduction process, only one combination can be set whichinfluences both the spunbond layers and the meltblown layers.However, the properties required for spunbond and meltblownnonwovens used in face masks, cannot be achieved with the same plant parameters: The throughput required for theproduction of spunbonded layers is significantly higher than thethroughput required for the production of meltblown layers.


2.The air permeability of the meltblown is reduced

The different nonwoven layers are produced directly on topof each other in a composite process.As this compacts thefilter layer, its air permeability is reduced.A further reductionof about 18 percent is caused by calendering in this process.However, the air permeability is crucial for filters, especiallywhen used in respiratory masks, because comfortable breathing through the mask must be ensured.


3.After-treatment is not possible

Meltblown filter material used in face masks must beelectrostatically charged. Otherwise the smallest particlessuch as viruses cannot be reliably filtered.Although this after-treatment is basically possible in the composite process, it ismuch more complex on the hardware side than when the filterlayer is produced separately in the stand-alone meltblownprocess.


suntech intelligent non-woven fabric machine develops and produces spunbonded non-woven fabric machine, spunmelt non-woven fabric machine, and melt blown machine based on 50 years of technical precipitation and design experience and "precision intelligent manufacturing" standards to help human health.


Suntech ST-SMS melt-blown production line


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