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suntech spunmelt non-woven fabric machine and spunmelt non-woven fabric care for human health

suntech spunmelt non-woven fabric machine and spunmelt non-woven fabric care for human health

Issue Time:2021-04-02

The global aging of the population, the increase in the birth rate of babies in some regions, the increase in market penetration and the substantial increase in residentsincome have become key factors in the growth of demand for non-woven materials for disposable sanitary products, especially in China, India, Africa and other countries and regions , The market demand for related products has been maintained at a high level.


SMS fabric is widely used in the hygiene industry to make disposable diapers, feminine care products, Gowns, Coveralls, Masks and Hospital Disposables etc.In addition, industrial textiles made of spunmelt non-woven fabrics are also widely used in construction applications, home decoration industrial protection and automotive interiors, and other high-performance products.


With the upgrading of consumer demand, the market has put forward higher-end and diversified requirements for spunmelt non-woven fabrics. Product research and development are becoming more high-quality, functional and professional. Market promotion places more emphasis on energy saving, consumption reduction, and environmental protection. This is what Suntech has been working hard on.


SMS(2 beams of Spunbond and 1 beams of Meltblown)  by Suntech is a 3 layered 100% Polypropylene nonwoven fabric manufactured using 3 beams. This fabric offers amazing benefits like fine filtration, low pressure drop, acoustic insulation and decent strength and elongation.


In different application, SUNTECH SMS Nonwoven Prodcution Lines, use latest extrusion, Spinning technique to meet different standard in different regions.



1.Strong uniform structure

2.Right balance of softness and strength

3.Multiple treatments for hydrophilicity, skin care and anti-static properties

4.Excellent barrier properties for Liquids and Particles

5.Available in multiple colours and weight







UV Protection



1.Baby CareCore wrap, Back sheet, Leg cuff and Ears of Baby Diapers

2.Adult CareCore wrap, Back sheet, Leg cuff and Ears of Adult incontinence products

3.MedicalGowns, Coveralls, Mask ,surgical drapes, sterilisation wraps,disposable patient sheets, female sanitary products, nappies and incontinence products and other Hospital Disposables.As SMS can be treated with additional repellents to withstand for example alcohol, oil and blood, this makes it an excellent fabric for the medical industry.

4.Filtrationthis is a huge market for SMS and includes surgical face masks, gas and liquid filtration as well as cartridge filters.

5.InsulationSMS has wide ranging insulation uses including for example acoustic insulation in dishwashers.

6.Home decoration.

7.Industry and Agriculture.


Non-woven products can meet the following standards

Suntech has developed and produced smart ST-SMS spunmelt non-woven fabric machines with 50 years of technical precipitation and design experience, which can produce non-woven fabrics that meet customer needs. Derivatives made by suntech non-woven fabrics can meet the following standards:



1.Gas-tight protective clothing:

protection against solid, liquid and gaseous chemicals.

EN 943-2


2.Liquid-tight protective clothing:

protection against a strong, directed jet of liquid.

EN 14605


3.Performance requirements and test methods for protective clothing against infective agents

EN 14126


Single Use Surgical Gowns,Drapes

AAMI PB 70 (Class II, III, and IV) standard



1.N95: FFP2(EN149-2001) N95(NOISH 42CFR84)

Filter Performance 95%



EN14683 BFE98% ASTM F2100 BFE98%


Hygiene and health: diapers, sanitary napkins, wet wipes, cotton pads

Diapers: ASTM E1958

Sanitary napkin: IS 5405


To ensure product performance, suntech will do the following tests:

Existing Diaper Absorption Tests

Absorption test

Centrifuge Retention Test

Retention Under Direct Pressure


SMMS (spunbond, meltblown,meltblown and spunbond) and also SSMMS (spunbond, spunbond, meltblown,meltblown and spunbond) and even SMMMS, incorporating 3 layers of meltblown can also be produced.


We can produce multiple layer composite nonwoven fabric, like SMSSMMS.For further information on SMS, please contact us as soon as possible!



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