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The sanitary napkin industry has unlimited potential, suntech sanitary napkin machine cares for women with "intelligent manufacturing"Posted: 30 November 2021

The development trend of sanitary napkin industry

There are many brands of sanitary napkins for women, but there are relatively few mid-to-high-end brands and their development is stable.

The product types and functions of women’s sanitary napkins are constantly innovating and updating with the development of national consumption and the gradual maturity of the industry market. Wing-protected sanitary napkins have almost completely replaced straight sanitary napkins, "ultra-thin" and "soft cotton". , "Antibacterial" and "comfort" have become synonymous with the development of sanitary napkins, while "medicine care", "incense deodorization", and "green biodegradable" have become new profit points for the development of sanitary napkins. It is precisely because of the new types and functions of sanitary napkins that the products have obtained high added value. In the past two years, the market sales growth of the sanitary napkin industry has exceeded the growth of sales volume.

The women’s sanitary napkin manufacturing industry, as a sub-industry with large profit margins in the household paper industry, has stable market demand, and the mid-to-high-end market is rapidly expanding. The development of the industry is highly anticipated, and new companies are constantly joining the industry. International companies and a group of manufacturing companies with relatively large production scales and relatively sufficient funds have also increased investment and expanded production.

Although the manufacturing industry of women's sanitary napkins is developing vigorously, it should not be overlooked that, as environmental protection has become the focus of the government and the public, the costs of women's sanitary napkin manufacturers in terms of pollutant discharge and consumption reduction will inevitably increase. In addition, as the prices of international raw materials continue to rise, while production costs increase, companies are also facing fiercer price competition.(try Suntech ST-SNMM Sanitary napkin machine)

With the further development of the sanitary napkin market and the increasing health awareness of female consumers, female consumers are increasingly demanding the safety, comfort, and fit of sanitary napkins. The diversified and differentiated functions of sanitary napkins provide female consumers with more personalized options for menstrual care. For example, when the amount is small, it is suitable to use the mesh mini towel, which has the characteristics of comfortable and dry; for daytime exercise, it is suitable to use the ultra-thin daily-use type, which has the characteristics of light and breathable; when the amount is large at night, it is suitable to use the elongated or trouser type, which has the ability to absorb Strong characteristics. The gradual breakdown of sanitary napkin functions will be the future development trend of the industry. In the process of market segmentation, manufacturers with abundant product lines will have certain competitive advantages.

How to identify the quality of sanitary napkins?

First take out a piece of sanitary napkin, it is best to take out a piece of various brands to test at the same time, for comparison.

1.Test the water absorption

(1) Pour 1/3 cup of water slowly onto the sanitary napkin. If you are testing sanitary napkins of multiple brands, the amount of water poured in each sanitary napkin must be the same, and the pour method is the same, so that it is fair.

(2) During the process of pouring water, you should carefully watch its water absorption performance.

(3) It is better to suck in while being able to pour in. When the 50ML is poured, it is better to not see the water on the surface.

(4) After all the sanitary napkins are filled with water, spread dry paper towels one by one on the surface of the sanitary napkin, press it heavily with the palm of your hand, and test the re-permeability of the water in the sanitary napkin. This operation is simulated During the menstrual period, the weight of a person sitting on a sanitary napkin is heavy, and how miserable it is is reflected in the amount of water leaking out of the tissue, which represents the humidity of your private parts.

The greater the degree of re-infiltration, the more humidity. When the menstrual period is weakest, the humidity below will cause secondary infection. Why do some people get itchy after menstruation? Because 85% of gynecological inflammation patients use airtight and non-bacterial on the market Sanitary napkins.

2. Identify the material

(1) Tear layer by layer. When tearing, you should slowly tear it from one end. The surface layer is a non-woven fabric, which is more difficult to tear. Other materials generally tear when you pull it. Some friends ask why it is necessary to tear it, it is impossible for the surface to crack when used. The test of whether it will crack is to test the quality of the surface material.

For example, the dry mesh surface of some sanitary napkins is made of mesh plastic film. Just imagine that the private parts are tightly attached to the plastic film. Can it be breathable and comfortable?

(2) The transparent particles are the water absorption factor. If the water absorption factor is fine and shiny, and the water absorption is strong, it is better, and the coarser particles without shiny crystals are second.

(3) There should be functional chips in high-quality sanitary napkins. How to identify good functional chips? The functional chip of high-quality sanitary napkins is a functional chip developed with Feinerjing nanotechnology. It can continuously release negative ions in the environment of hot and humid menstrual period. It has physical antibacterial properties, eliminates odors, and promotes human metabolism through light wave resonance. The function of improving human immunity.

(4) For high-quality sanitary napkins, the absorption factor is 360-degree wrapped with high-quality non-woven fabrics.

(5) The last layer of base film, if it is a plastic film, it will be difficult to tear when it is pulled, otherwise it will be cracked as soon as it is pulled. The plastic film is carcinogenic. You can confirm whether it is a plastic film by doing a breathable experiment. .

(6)Viscose will be used on the back of the base film, which is the substance glued to the underwear. For example, industrial glue (sticky, visible glue, yellow) when you use up the sanitary napkin, the glue will melt into your underwear, and cause secondary pollution when you put on such underwear directly. The better quality is xylose pure gum, which is the kind of material similar to chewing gum.

3. Test the water absorption of the water absorption factor

Put the water absorption factor into a cup filled with half a glass of water, about 60ML of water, about 30 seconds later, put the cup upside down on the palm, if there is water, the water absorption is very poor, if the water absorption factor appears, it will become a cup shape The solid shows that the water absorption factor is very good.

4. Test the air permeability of the last base film

The bottom film is related to whether the private parts are breathable during menstruation. If it is not breathable, it is the best environment for mold invasion.

(1) Fill the cup with half a cup of hot or warm water;

(2) Put the bottom film on the mouth of the cup, and then buckle a cup on top of the film. Use a transparent plastic cup;

(3) Slowly watch the mist on the inverted cup. If there is obvious mist in a short period of time, it means strong air permeability. Otherwise, it is made of airtight plastic base film.

5. Test the burning material of the chip

(1) Some brands of sanitary napkin chips are torn off and burned after being ignited. There is a pungent smell. There is blue transparent colloid dripping out during combustion, and it will be extinguished before burning. The burning material is blue transparent non-gelatinous colloid, and it has a thick consistency. The smell of plastic, the burned substance resembles plastic, forming hard lumps.

(2) Anion sanitary napkins contain a unique patented technology green chip, use plant fiber pure wood pulp environmental protection materials to prevent allergies, tear off the chip and ignite it, we will take out all the burned substances and turn them into ashes, indicating the negative ion The energy chip of the sanitary napkin is a healthy and environmentally friendly product.

suntech has developed and produced intelligent sanitary napkin machines based on 50 years of technical precipitation and design experience, with "precision and intelligent manufacturing" standards, to assist in the production of high-quality sanitary napkins, to take care of women's health in all directions, and to care for women's lives.

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(Suntech ST-SNMM Sanitary napkin machine)

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